2022 Officials Registration

Referee registration in 2022 will be handled by the NLSA referee committee and will be done through RAMP. We are currently setting up a new registration portal and refresher test for all referees interested in officiating in 2022. Newly qualified referees will be automatically registered with the NLSA for the current year. 

The NLSA registration year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Officials must register directly via the online form available here to be eligible to officiate in NLSA-sanctioned games. Referee registration is open, and all referees should register prior to officiating in their first outdoor game of the season.

Please note that leagues/ clubs and associations may be fined if they use an unregistered or unqualified official to referee games. The NLSA maintains an up-to-date list of registered officials. If any club or individual requires access to this list to check the registration status of officials contacts the NLSA office.

All District and above referees have to complete a compulsory short refresher test as part of their registration. 

Clubs or regions who would prefer to submit a group registration using a spreadsheet should contact the registrar or NLSA office but should be aware that the refresher test must be completed before a referee is registered. 

Referee Promotion

Referees must apply in writing for promotion. Promotion takes effect on approval by the referee committee.


Registered Officials for the 2022 season

 As of August 3rd 2022


First Name

Last Name Classification Region
Abby Farrell Power District BPSA
Abby Janes District Avalon
Addison Williams Small- Sided Avalon
Adele Martin Small- Sided Avalon
Alexander Gosse Small- Sided Avalon
Alexander Young Small- Sided Avalon
Alexandre Nunes Regional Avalon
Andie Noseworthy Small- Sided Avalon
Andrew Lee Small- Sided Avalon
Andrew O'Brien Small- Sided Avalon
Andrew Pearcey Small- Sided Avalon
Arran Osmond District Avalon
Autumn Clarke Small- Sided Avalon
Aubrey Nunes District Avalon
Ava Bishop Small- Sided Avalon
Ava Turpin Small- Sided Avalon
Ayden Rowsell Small- Sided Avalon
Baileigh Andrews Small- Sided Avalon
Benjamin Morgan  Small- Sided Avalon
Ben Collingwood Small- Sided Avalon
Bethany King Small- Sided Avalon
Brad Roberts District Corner Brook
Brian Rice District Avalon
Brian Wang District Avalon
Brianna Faulkner Small- Sided Avalon
Brianna Fortune District Corner Brook
Brooke Andrews District Avalon
Caleb Fifield District Avalon
Caroline Hubley Small- Sided Avalon
Carter Penney Small- Sided Avalon
Carver Titterington District Corner Brook
Caylie Hopkins District Corner Brook
Chantal McDonald District Avalon
Chloe Chisholm District Avalon
Chloe Clarke Small- Sided Avalon
Chris Bartlett District Avalon
Claire Chaytor Small- Sided Avalon
Colin Dyer District Avalon
Cole Parsons Small- Sided Avalon
Corey Walsh Regional BPSA
Corey Jones District Corner Brook
Damian Masterson Regional Avalon
David Pitman Provincial Avalon
David Pickett District Corner Brook
Daniel Maher Regional Avalon
Daniel Martin District Avalon
Dean McCarthy Regional Corner Brook
Donny Lambe District BPSA
Don Warren District Avalon
Drew Avery District Avalon
Emily Duffy Small- Sided Avalon
Emily Pennell Small- Sided Avalon
Emily Power Small- Sided Avalon
Emily-Joe Bartlett Small- Sided Avalon
Eric Power District BPSA
Erik Baker Small- Sided Avalon
Ethan  Allen District Avalon
Ethan  Harris District Avalon
Gary Martin Regional Avalon
Gemma Fitzpatrick District Avalon
Gina Seong-Power Small- Sided Avalon
Glenn Sheppard Regional Avalon
Gord Farrell Regional Avalon
Graysen Hinchey District Avalon
Grayden Bath Small- Sided Avalon
Hadi Shaikh Small- Sided Avalon
Hailey Snow Small- Sided Avalon
Hannah Neville District Avalon
Harrison Luff Small- Sided Avalon
Henry Devereaux Small- Sided Avalon
Hillary Neville Small- Sided Avalon
Ian Wall District Avalon
Isaac Whalen Small- Sided Avalon
Isabella Ryan District BPSA
Isabella Veitch Small- Sided Avalon
Issa Lymburner Small- Sided Avalon
Ivana Mitrovic District Corner Brook
Janine Gillis District Corner Brook
Jayden Smith Small- Sided Avalon
Jim Gilmour District Avalon
Jonathan Brown District Avalon
John Churchill Regional Avalon
John Lynch Small- Sided Avalon
John Morgans Small- Sided Avalon
John Kennedy Regional Avalon
Julia Bennett District Avalon
Julia Kelly Small- Sided Avalon
Julia Wheaton Small- Sided Avalon
Julie Beresford Small- Sided Avalon
Justin Drover District Avalon
Jorja Rose Small- Sided Avalon
Kate Angelopoulos Small- Sided Avalon
Kate Gibbons Small- Sided Avalon
Kate Turpin Small- Sided Avalon
Katelyn Murphy Small- Sided Avalon
Katie Ruston Small- Sided Avalon
Keara Titterington District Corner Brook
Keith Buis District Avalon
Kerim Orbasli Small- Sided Avalon
Kyle Button District Avalon
Lauren Ash Small- Sided Avalon
Lauren Snow Small- Sided Avalon
Lauren Wright District Avalon
Lexy Richardson Small- Sided Avalon
Lily Tobin Small- Sided Avalon
Lincoln Silver District Avalon
Luke Peddle Small- Sided Avalon
Maggie Thistle Small- Sided Avalon
Malik Snook District Avalon
Marcus Paterson District Avalon
Marcus Powell Small- Sided Avalon
Mark  Russell District Avalon
Mark  Woodman District Corner Brook
Martin  Batterson Regional Avalon
Matt Da Silva District Avalon
Matt Moore District Avalon
Megan King District Avalon
Megan Ruston Small- Sided Avalon
Michael Flynn Small- Sided Avalon
Mike Edmunds Regional Avalon
Mike Howlett Provincial Avalon
Mohamed Odan Regional Avalon
Nathan Fallon Small- Sided Avalon
Neil Hillier District Avalon
Nevyn Whitty Small- Sided Avalon
Nick Jones District Avalon
Nick Oake District BPSA
Noah Ryan District BPSA
Noah Seymour Small- Sided Avalon
Nolan Martin District Avalon
Nyah Smith District Avalon
Oliver Manning Small- Sided Avalon
Paulo David Regional Avalon
Peter Jacobs District Avalon
Peyton Fewer Small- Sided Avalon
Peyton Long Small- Sided Avalon
Quentin Seal District Avalon
Rachel Chaulk Small- Sided Avalon
Rachel Slaney Small- Sided Avalon
Riley Smith Small- Sided Avalon
Robert Mitrovic Regional Corner Brook
Rowan Antle District Avalon
Russell Cook Small- Sided Avalon
Ryan Burridge District Avalon
Sadie Dawson Small- Sided Avalon
Sarah Drake District BPSA
Seamus O'Regan Small- Sided Avalon
Shane Slaney District BPSA
Shannon Tobin Regional Avalon
Sienna Dillon District Avalon
Stephen Peddle District Corner Brook
Taha Odhan District Avalon
Tawana Chitsike Small- Sided Avalon
Theo Noseworthy Small- Sided Avalon
Thomas Foran Small- Sided Avalon
Toni Lundrigan District BPSA
Tony Mullett Regional Avalon
Victoria Tuff Small- Sided Avalon
Zach Bourgeois District Avalon
Zachary Earle District Avalon
Zachary Harding Small- Sided Avalon
Zavanna Keats Small- Sided Avalon
Zoe Ransome Small- Sided Avalon
Zyerra Keats Small- Sided Avalon
 Added May 9th      
 Athiei Achiek Small- Sided Avalon
 Kate Reimer Small- Sided Avalon 
 Sanjana Gullipalli Small- Sided Avalon
 Ireland Winters Small- sided Avalon
 Molly Clarke Small- Sided Avalon
 Lily MacLean Small- Sided Avalon
 Nicholas Griffiths Small- Sided Avalon
 Joseph Griffiths Small- Sided Avalon
 Emma Stone Small- Sided Avalon
 Jenna Mitchell Small- Sided Avalon
 Eloise Lush Small- Sided Avalon
 Matt Torraville Small- Sided Avalon
 Cameron Butler Small- Sided Avalon
 Anna Lundrigan Small- Sided Avalon
 Ireland Murphy Small- Sided Avalon
 Noah Grandy Small- Sided Avalon
 Florian Villaume District Avalon
 Donald Russell District Avalon
 Majid Eghbali District Avalon
 Steve Nana District Avalon
 Nick Whalen District Avalon
 Christopher Browne District Avalon
 Added May 16th      
 Evan Rouzes District Corner Brook
 Greg  Keats Regional Corner Brook
 Bradley Pinksen District Corner Brook
 Brett Russell District Avalon
 Philip Snow Small-Sided Labrador
 Ciara  Bennett Small-Sided Avalon
Bridget Seaman Small-Sided Avalon
 Logan Rice Small-sided Avalon
 Tristan  Clowe Small-Sided Avalon
 Mackenzie Martin Small-Sided Avalon
 Kiera  Penney Small-Sided Avalon
 Amanda Lewis Small-Sided Avalon
 Alexis Cooper Small-Sided Avalon
 Madeline Hayward Small-Sided Avalon
 Paige Haines Small-Sided Avalon
 Madison Omand Small-Sided Avalon
 Maya Mamouche Small-Sided Avalon
 Millie Janes Small-Sided Avalon
 Joshua Adams Small-Sided Avalon
Jacop  Roop Small-Sided Avalon
Emma  Cook Small-Sided Avalon
 Emily McGrath Small-Sided Avalon
 Jacob Coffey Small-Sided Avalon
 Ally Lethbridge Small-Sided Avalon
 Katie Peach Small-Sided Avalon
 Lauren Parsons Small-Sided Avalon
 Alicia Hale Small-Sided Avalon
Grant  Waddleton Small-Sided Avalon
 Julia Pace Small-Sided Avalon
 Nathan Fowler Small-Sided Avalon
 Alyssa Clarke Small-Sided Avalon
 Anna Learning Small-Sided Avalon
 Jaden Murphy Small-Sided Avalon
 Denver Lacey Small-Sided Avalon
 Jake White District Corner Brook
 Steven Ford District Corner Brook
 Mark Randell District Corner Brook


 Added May 24th      
 Sarah  Baker Small-Sided Avalon
 Drake Parsons Small-Sided Avalon
 Brady Taylor District Corner Brook
 Colton March District Corner Brook
 Sarah McNeil-Lamswood District Corner Brook
 Adam McDonald Small-Sided Avalon
 Julia Lambe Small-Sided Avalon
 Caitlin Long Small-Sided Avalon
 Ian  Santos Small-Sided Avalon
 Raj Sanchetti Small-Sided Avalon
 Matthew Earle Small-Sided Avalon
 Nathan Stanley Small-Sided Avalon
 Colin Dalton District Avalon
 Alexia Bishop Small-Sided Avalon
 Alison Duffett Small-Sided Avalon
 Diego Toledo District Avalon
 Daniel Alexander District Corner Brook
 Michael Kane Small-Sided Avalon
 Shada Tarhoni Small-Sided Avalon
 Erick Mathiasen District Avalon
 Aidan Snelgrove Small-Sided Avalon
 Added May 30th      
Arthur Santos District Avalon
Nathan   Harris District Avalon
Cathy Morgan District Corner Brook
Claire  Goodyear Small-Sided Avalon
Patrick O'Brien Small-Sided Avalon
Griffin Seal Small-Sided Avalon
Jack  North Small-Sided Avalon
Kim  Bartlett Small-Sided Avalon
Alicia  Whyte Small-Sided Avalon
Hudson  O'Keefe Small-Sided Avalon
Peyton Stone Small-Sided Avalon
Eva  Diamond Small-Sided Avalon
Matthew  Thompson District Corner Brook
Ethan Walsh District BPSA


 Added June 2nd       
Mylee  Tapper Small-Sided Avalon
Hilary Skinner Small-Sided Avalon
Nathan Warren Small-Sided Avalon
Julia Bassler Small-Sided Avalon
Tristan Pike District Avalon
Lydia Evans Small-Sided Avalon
Lily Slaney Small-Sided Avalon
Nathan Swain Small-Sided Avalon
Evan Suddaby Small-Sided Avalon
Alissa Suddaby Small-Sided Avalon
Jorja Row Small-Sided Avalon
Riley Careen Small-Sided Avalon
Camren Campbell Small-Sided Avalon
Luca  Dupasquier Small-Sided Avalon
Sam  Lane Small-Sided Avalon
Georgia  Wong Small-Sided Avalon
Daley  Moores Small-Sided Avalon
Berkley Mitchell Small-Sided Avalon
Samuel Downey  Small-Sided Avalon
Benjamin  Hollett Small-Sided Avalon
Jessica  Downey Small-Sided Avalon
Olivia  Kendell Small-Sided Avalon
Keegan Piercey District Corner Brook


Kiera  Butler Small-Sided Avalon
Amayah  Evans Small-Sided Avalon
Adam  Welcher District Avalon
Mike   Roche District Corner Brook
Matthew  Hollett District Avalon
Sam  Tobin District Avalon
Allison  Hutchings District Avalon
Jaxson Bradbury Small-Sided Avalon
Reese  Parsons Small-Sided Avalon
Courtney Abbott District Avalon
Ailee  Young Small-Sided Avalon
Jonathan  Anderson Small-Sided Avalon
Noah  Abbott Small-Sided Avalon
Aubree Bartlett Small-Sided Avalon
Henry  Pearson Small-Sided  Avalon
Caleb  Rashleigh District Corner Brook
Jacob  Percy Small-Sided Avalon
Chris  Dobbin District Corner Brook


Kathy  Manning Small-Sided Avalon
Kyle  Grenning District Corner Brook
Lily  Howell Small-Sided Avalon
Lincoln  Harris Small-Sided Avalon
Connor  Fleming District Avalon
Sarah  Chafe Small-Sided Avalon
Maxwell  Antle District Corner Brook
Sam  Antle District Corner Brook
Andrew Kean Small-Sided Avalon
Madison  Slaney District BPSA
Zachary  Earle District Avalon
Katie  Turpin Small-Sided Avalon
Madison  Green Small-Sided Avalon
Hailey  Peet Small-Sided Avalon
Quinn  Norman Small-Sided Avalon
Claire  Gibbons Small-Sided Avalon
Adelle  Power Small-Sided Avalon
Logan  Green Small-Sided Avalon
Quinn  Marshall Small-Sided  Avalon
Max  Murphy Small-Sided Avalon


Xavier  Dray Small-Sided Avalon
Brayden  Noftall Small-Sided Avalon
Paige  Andrews Small-Sided Avalon
Connor  Trickett Small-Sided Avalon
Will  Whalen Small-Sided Avalon
Parker  Young Small-Sided Avalon
Izabelle  Seidel Small-Sided Avalon
Ben Spurrell (08) Small-Sided Avalon
Ben  Spurrell  (07) Small-Sided  Avalon
Julia  Bennett District Avalon
Elliott  Peters District Avalon
Olivia  O'Brien Small-Sided Avalon
Abdelrahaman  Yassin Small-Sided Avalon
Maria  Pearcey Small-Sided Avalon
Reilly  Miller Small-Sided Avalon
Ellie  Marshall Small-Sided Avalon
Katelyn   Lushman Small-Sided Avalon
Zedric  Keats District Avalon
Liam  MacIsaac Small-Sided Avalon
Aleah  Philpott Small-Sided Avalon
Myles  McFayden Small-Sided Avalon
Liam  Veitch Small-Sided Avalon
Jamieson  Nash Small-Sided Avalon
Brandon  Gillard Small-Sided Corner Brook
Silas  Hengeveld Small-Sided Corner Brook
Alister   MacDonnell Small-Sided Corner Brook
Logan  Hedderson Small-Sided Corner Brook
Luis  Wu Small-Sided Corner Brook
Ivor  Cook Small-Sided  Corner Brook
Cormac  Mackey Small-Sided Corner Brook
Douglas  Patey Small-Sided Corner Brook
Henry   Stone Small-Sided Avalon
Luke   Coleman Small-Sided Corner Brook
Liam  Schaefer Small-Sided Avalon


Paige  Pittman Small-Sided Avalon
Audria  Peddle Small-Sided Corner Brook 
Conrad  Trela District Avalon
Caden   Monteith Small-Sided Corner Brook
Nicholas  Abrard Small-Sided  Avalon
Benjamin Abrard Small- Sided  Avalon
Natalie  Morrissey Small-Sided Avalon
Taryn  Wallace Small-Sided Labrador
Taylor  Wallace Small-Sided Labrador
Brooklyn Hickey Small-Sided Labrador
Tia  Auchinleck Small-Sided Labrador
Aiden  Mooney Small-Sided Labrador
Bernard  Hickey Small-Sided Labrador
Noah  Marques Small-Sided Labrador
Reese  Burden Small-Sided  Labrador
Claire  Ryan Small-Sided Avalon
Jacob  Mercer District Avalon
Drew  Moores Small-Sided Avalon
Sabina  Pande Small-Sided Avalon
Ellyana  Stafford Small-Sided Avalon
Charlotte  Wareham Small-Sided Corner Brook



Kyle  Faulkner Small-Sided Avalon
Brody  Wright Small-Sided  Avalon
Allan (AJ)  Lundrigan District Avalon

Re-registering as an official

Note: For a registration to be accepted, officials must have been previously registered with the NLSA in the last two years. And meet the age requirement Small-sided 12 years of age and above. District 14 years of age and above. 


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